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Fiestas Moros y Cristianos

August 10

Calle Concejo, 8, Bélmez de la Moraleda - 23568 How to get


In August, the Natural Park of Sierra Mágina becomes an incomparable and unique green setting to celebrate the Moors and Christians festivities. These manifestations have their origin in the 13th century, when the region was a borderland between the Castilian kingdom and the Nasrid kingdom of Granada.

There are three towns that celebrate them: Campillo de Arenas, Cárcheles and Bélmez de la Moraleda. In the three municipalities, the development of the festivals is very similar; They begin with the procession of the image of the patron, who leaves the parish guarded by "the Christians", and on the way they are surprised by "the Moors", who seize the image. A day later, the Christian troops manage to regain the precious throne, ending for another year the festivities that have been celebrated for centuries.

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