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Fernando Bejarano Carmona

Forja Bejarano

Forge and smithy

Polígono San Roque. C/ Las Vicentas. How to get

Fernando Bejarano learned from his father a job that today has become his way and philosophy of life. From a very early age he developed his skills as a metal craftsman, creating true works of art with the help of his hands and his inexhaustible ingenuity. His work has been catalogued by the Andalusian Government as Intangible Heritage of Andalusia, and Fernando has collaborated in the manufacture of many of the great sculptures and works of the province, such as the fence of the Sanctuary of the Virgen de la Cabeza. He is a craftsman who works to order and always adapts to the needs of his clients. In his workshop, where he attends personally, we can find all kinds of items such as tables and chairs, mirrors, callers, trophies, lamps, etc... all made in a traditional way and with top quality materials that ensure the durability of his works. Fences, balconies, grilles, metal sculptures, railings, etc. An endless number of possibilities and designs that include any type of iron work.