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Familia Lara Carmona

Cerámica Lara Jurado

Calle Alfareros. How to get

The company was founded in 1987 by the craftsman Cayetano Lara, well known in the town of Arjonilla for his career as a ceramist since he was very young. It was not until 2004 when Carmen joined the family business to bring a new vision and business style.<br /> Together, and with the help of their workers, all specialists in different modalities and styles, elaborate completely handmade the most traditional ceramics of Arjonilla, consisting of plates, jugs and vases, botijos, plates and other type of utilitarian or decorative pieces, that finished by hand, mean a meticulous work and worthy of a group of skillful and experienced craftsmen like them. The material used for manufacture is none other than red and white clay, which they decorate, paint and dye using different glazes and techniques such as engobe, which consists of covering the piece with a thin layer of different colored paste.