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Dioni Rodríguez Cárdenas

Taller de cerámica Rakú


Calle Fuente de la Plata, 1. 23006 - Jaén How to get

Designs, elaborates and identifies with the identity of Jaén, making it clear in many of its pieces. He also does commissioned work. His product is exclusive, a craftsmanship with which he feels very comfortable and with which he leaves a recognizable mark. Dioni's path started more than twenty years ago. After his passage through the School of Art, he decided to take his path and to this day he continues to offer his passion to the people of Jaén through contemporary and creative ceramics in which color is the clear protagonist.

He works different pieces, decorative or of habitual use in the day to day. He watches, tableware, vases, paintings, sculptures, etc. Like him, it offers customizable options, such as murals or commemorative plaques. He also has a costume jewelery line, where he unleashes his creativity. Elaborations highly valued for their uniqueness and exclusivity.