Cerro Golondrina

0, Jódar

It is a very showy wall, which is integrated into an interesting relief formation and surrounded by a landscape with magnificent views. It is located on the limits of the Sierra Mágina Natural Park. Although it is a school of local interest, it may be of interest for a short visit. Its slope is quite vertical. The safety system allows sport climbing with a certain technical character. The limestone walls reach 25 metres in height, with an average height of 15 metres.

For water, food and shelter - It is advisable to bring water, as the nearest water is in Bedmar or Jodar. Accommodation and restaurants in the immediate villages are ideal for finding supplies.

How to get there - The area is 60 kilometres from the capital Jaén. From this city you must go to Bedmar (C-328). Once past this town, turn right at the junction with the C-325. You will arrive at the area shortly afterwards. You can't miss the walls. They rise up in the middle of the hill. There is enough space to park on both sides of the road.

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Number of tracks: 16

Track up to V: 60%

Routes from V+ to 6c+: 40%

Routes from 7a to 7c+: 0%

Eighth grade tracks: 0%

Best time to go: Spring and autumn