Arch of the Incarnation

23110, Pegalajar How to get

Above the Arch of the Incarnation of Pegalajar, a pointed arch that was the main entrance door to the castle of Pegalajar, there is a commemorative stone surrounded by heraldic coats of arms. The tombstone is engraved in relief with gothic text, in some parts deteriorated. The writing box of the tombstone is distributed in lines in relief where the graffiti is embedded. It uses some abbreviations and the hiding of some letters at the end or in the middle of the word. The words are usually separated by punctuation marks. The word "Jhesus" heads the tombstone, framed by two crosses, a religious invocation that is customary at the beginning of all public writing, followed by the date, the reference to the reigning king, and then the person who ordered it and the type of commemorative work. The transcription of the tombstone is as follows