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Ana Mª Santiago Lineros

Ayftejedores Creaciones en Telar

Casa del Pilarillo, Km 6. 23370 - Orcera How to get

After several years working for a private company, Ana accidentally entered the textile sector, falling in love with a job that allowed her to change her way of life to become an expert weaver.
She offers all kinds of handmade accessories with a low heddle loom that she herself moves with her hands and feet. For the creation of its articles, such as scarves, foulards, bags, rugs or even baby clothes, it uses natural fibers of animal or vegetable origin such as cotton, mohair, wool or linen among others, and even certified organic cotton indicated for those people with allergies or certain skin conditions. Its pieces, unique and exclusive both in design and in production, can be purchased on request or in its own exhibition store, of great tourist interest and declared by the Junta de Andalucía Artisanal Point of Interest of Jaén, being able to visit for free and even choose to carry out courses and workshops that promote the survival of this trade.