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Ana Mª Rubio Bordal

El Taller de Ana

Elaboration of artistic stained glass

Calle Velázquez, 1. How to get

She began his professional career after learning in Madrid with a friend and master craftsman for whom she worked for some time while learning all the techniques and possibilities of this job. Ana Ma makes artistic stained glass windows of great quality and recognition at a national and international level, fusing different techniques and materials until achieving a final piece that is unique in design and finish. Her style can go from baroque with the most classic stained glass, experimenting stages with a modernist style, until others characterized by a more personal and abstract style, but always adapting to the requests of her clients. Her great capacity to recycle herself and her desire to innovate have made her to create not only artistic stained glass windows or Tiffany lamps, but also fashion and accessories, decoration or restoration of antique furniture today.