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Agustín Hernández Álvarez

Santa Marta Ceremonias

Confección y complementos artesanos

Calle Muñoz Garnica, 24. 23001 - Jaén How to get

His professional life was linked to decoration, but with the arrival of the crisis, Agustín takes a script twist and begins his adventure in making exclusive products for brides, communions and ceremonies in general, a job he does with passion. His work is handmade, personalizing the product for the client and offering a wide range of elements and accessories for ceremonies. His goal is to make the dreams of those who want to feel special in a unique and unforgettable moment come true. And the thing is that the dress is as important as the accessories.

The preparation is totally manual, old-fashioned, and ranges from the elaboration of bespoke and personalized communion dresses, through flowers, headdresses or communion headbands, to bridal shoes, espadrilles for weddings or communions, fans for weddings and celebrations, etc. Agustín also works on request, giving free rein to clients' requests for their events.