Acebuche de Las Hoyas

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Road from La Iruela to Los Prados, Km. 2,500 Paraje de las Hoyas. 23476, La Iruela How to get

The Acebuche de Las Hoyas is distinguished by its extraordinary size and age. It is located near the border of the Sierras de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas natural park. It is 15 metres high and has a large conical base that measures almost 10 metres in perimeter at its base. The projection of the cup is 132.73 m2. The shaft has very evident hollows and longitudinal filigrees, especially at the foot, which show the second reason for its uniqueness, its age, as it is certainly more than 350 years old.

  • In some places it is described as millennial and in others, centennial.
  • Access is by paved road on foot or by car.

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  • Access: Asphalt road, Lane.
  • Means of transport: On foot, by car.
  • Promotion: Internet.