Santiago de Calatrava

Santiago de Calatrava is situated in the southwest of the district of Campiña, on the provincial border with Córdoba. Its name comes from the fact that it previously belonged to the Order of the Knights of Calatrava.


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Tourist area  Sierra Sur y Campiña de Jaén

Distance to the capital (km): 44

Altitude above sea level (m) 386

Extensión (Km2): 48

No. of Inhabitants: 699

Demonym: Santiagueños

Postal Code 23612

The area is 100% dedicated to agriculture, predominantly olives with arable crops in decline. 

The local economy is almost exclusively sustained on agriculture and olive oil production.

Highlights of the town’s monumental heritage include the Iglesia Parroquial de la Virgen de la Estrella (Parochial Church of the Virgin of the Star), a Baroque temple from the beginning of the 18th century. Also worth a visit is the Local Agriculture Chamber, a Renaissance building from the 16th century, and the Plaza de la Iglesia (Church Square) which features an iron fence with symbols of the Order of Calatrava. In a corner of the town, there is also a fascinating baroque fountain.

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Ayuntamiento de Santiago de Calatrava


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