El Proyecto: Vandelvira. Renacimiento del Sur.

Renacimiento del Sur surge de la celebración del V Centenario del nacimiento del maestro Andrés de Vandelvira con el fin de recuperar y compartir los siglos XVI y XVII de la provincia de Jaén.

The Vandelvira project. Southern renaissance

The municipalities of Jaén have a historical and monumental heritage of a recognized variety and breadth. But, without a doubt, the artistic movement that has left a more lasting and recognizable mark on this Jaen heritage is the Renaissance and, especially, the work of the architect Andrés de Vandelvira.

Since 2005, the Jaén, Renacimiento del Sur initiative was launched which, taking as a reference the celebration of the V Centenary of the birth of the master, aims to place his work at the level of other European Renaissance architects, underlining his legacy within the arguments cultural and tourist attractions that are part of the tourist offer in the province of Jaén. The Jaén, Renacimiento del Sur program includes research, conservation, restoration, dissemination and creation of a tourist product.

The project has had the support of the Government of Spain through the Activajaén program of the Andalusian Government, with the implementation of a Tourism Developme ...


Renacimiento del Sur

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