Extra virgin olive oils “JAÉN SELECCIÓN” 

The “Jaén Selección” label is a quality mark created by Jaén Provincial Council to honour the finest extra virgin olive oils in the province from each harvest. This award recognises the excellence of this iconic product from Jaén, the world’s primary producer of olive oil.
Eight oils were honoured in 2024, seven with a conventional production method (six of the Picual variety and one Royal) and an organically produced oil of the Hojiblanca variety.
The oils are selected at a blind tasting-competition based on the criteria of a panel of judges comprising professionals from the best tasting panels in Spain.
After they are chosen, the oils are present at every tourist and agri-food promotional activity driven by Jaén Provincial Council and play a leading role in the OleotourJaén strategy for tourism, making them the best possible ambassadors for Jaén.

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