Montizón is a small township in the north of the district of Condado, bordering the province of Ciudad Real, in the far northeast of Sierra Morena.

It's one of the “Nuevas Poblaciones de Sierra Morena (New Towns of Sierra Morena), founded in the 18th century by King Carlos III as part of a colonisation initiative.

The township is made up of three main settlements: Aldeahermosa, Venta de los Santos and Montizón. Despite giving the township its name, Montizón actually has the smallest population of the three.


Data of interest

Tourist area  Sierra Morena/Sierras de Andújar y Despeñaperros
Distance to the capital (km) 128
Altitude above sea level (m) 643
Extension (Km 2 ) 212
No. of Inhabitants 2017
Demonym Montizoneros
Postal Code 23266

The local economy of Montizón is based on agriculture though significant income also comes from forestry, big and small game hunting and some sheep farming.
Olives are the area’s economic engine, being the main source of wealth, income and job creation. There are three oil pressed in the township.
There are numerous important environmental sites in the area which preserve good examples of the Mediterranean ecosystem.

<p>The area surrounding the reservoir known as "El Dañador" is the site of greatest natural interest.
The area has always been popular with hunting enthusiasts and the township has over thirty hunting reserves.

Source of information

Ayuntamiento de Montizón


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