Los Villares

A township in the northeast of the district of Sierra Sur, very close to the city of Jaén. Its location, combined with the abundance of water in the area and the mild climate in summer, makes it the perfect destination for a summer break.

The town centre is situated in a valley close to the convergence of the Eliche and Frío rivers, which connect to multiple streams that cross the area and supply the Quiebrajano reservoir, which is an environmentally important site. The area boasts a number of truly beautiful spots.


Data of interest

Tourist area  Jaén y Entorno
Distance to the capital (km) 13
Altitude above sea level (m) 521
Extensión (Km2): 89
No. of Inhabitants 4860
Demonym Villariegos
Postal Code 23160

Tourist information

Plaza de Fernando Feijoo, 1

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The local economy is mainly supported by the cultivation of rain-fed olives, though the town’s second most important business is wicker craft. Other important sources of income include the production of cold cuts, artisan products made with esparto grass and other crops and, in recent years, the bottling of mineral water from the Frío river.

The town’s historical and artistic heritage includes the 15th-century Iglesia de San Juan Bautista (Church of Saint John the Baptist), the Casas Capitulares del Ayuntamiento (Chapter Houses of the Town Hall), inaugurated in 1775, and the Palacio del Vizconde (Viscount’s Palace).


Source of information

Ayuntamiento de Los Villares


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