Fuerte del Rey

Fuerte del Rey township northeast of the city of Jaén, in the district of Campiña, surrounded by a countryside of olive trees, cereals and allotments.

The municipal area is crossed by the road that joins the city of Jaén (just 15 km away) to the city of Andújar (27 km away).

Fuerte del Rey sits at an altitude of 432 m above sea level, bordering the municipal area of Jaén to the south and east, the township of Torredelcampo to the west and Lahiguera, Villanueva de la Reino and Cazadilla to the north and east.

The countryside is made up of rolling hills, between which flow different streams such as El Saladillo, Las Cuarenta and La Silla del Conde, which empty into the Guadalquivir river. One such hill, the Cerro de la Atalayuelas, has an altitude of 598 m.


Data of interest

Tourist area  Jaén y Entorno
Distance to the capital (km): 15
Altitude above sea level (m): 437
Extension (Km 2 ): 35     
No. of Inhabitants: 1165
Demonym: Fuenterreños
Postal Code: 23180

The town is mainly focused on agriculture, predominantly olives, but until very recently dominated by cereal crops. Construction, metalworking and farming tools and machinery are also significant employers in the town. There has been a surge in the building of new houses in recent years and this is expected to continue.

The city of Jaén is just 15 km away and the cost of living there is much more expensive. As a result, the construction sector sees a promising future for the town, being one of the five townships in the province that expect to double the number of houses in the next five years as changes are made to town planning policies.

Amongst its architectural heritage, we find the Iglesia de la Natividad de Nuestra Señora (Church of the Nativity of Our Lady), which was completed in 1796. Its most interesting features are the centuries-old façade and narrow steeple.

There is also a fascinating mill from the first quarter of the 20th century, which has been recently restored.
There is a lot of small game hunting here, particularly <partridges, rabbits and hares, although these species are subject to great pressure from hunters because of the diseases they carry and the change from cereal plantations to olives.

Source of information

Ayuntamiento de Fuerte del Rey


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