Arroyo del Ojanco

Arroyo del Ojanco (Jaén) is situated on a vast plain surrounded by a sea of olive trees and is the best-located town in the district of Sierra de Segura. With the N-322 running through the town centre, the town has seen the growth of services and the population.


Data of interest

Distance to the capital (km) 125
Altitude above sea level (m) 540
Extension (Km 2 ) 63
No. of Inhabitants 2550
Demonym Arroyense
Postal Code 23340

Since antiquity, this has been the magical point where Andalusia meets the Levante – a true cultural crossroads. Arroyo del Ojanco is a welcoming, dynamic, entrepreneurial and cultural township which has only existed as an independent town since 2001. It’s the youngest township in the province and is doubtlessly one of the ones that look to the future with the most optimism.

Olives trees occupy the overwhelming majority of the municipal area, and they’re the source of the high-quality olive oil produced here under the ‘Sierra de Segura’ Designation of Origin. Against the olive groves stand out natural jewels like the Olivo de Fuentebuena, an olive tree over a thousand years old and one of the town’s established symbols.

The municipal area is crossed by the Guadalmena and Guadalimar rivers, making for a landscape of meadows along the course of the Guadalimar, with the characteristic plains and hydrographic richness that makes up the Sierra de Segura. Close to the township, towards Puente de Génave, is the Guadalmena reservoir, the third-largest in the province.

The waiting room of the Sierra de Segura, Arroyo de Ojanco’s urban fabric was formed at the beginning of the last century as a result of the feverish activity that led to the construction of the Baeza-Utiel railway line. Its streets are long and its layout completely flat.

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