Charming Villages

Above all, the park's villages constitute a permanent part of its splendid landscapes, adding the intimacy and fine detailing of human presence to the grandiosity of the surrounding mountains and forests. However, emigration away from the region has had a ruthlessly punishing effect on these humble, isolated farmsteads and villages. Many are now only inhabited during the most clement months, although others remain occupied all year round.

The opportunities opened up by new communication technologies and advances in organic agriculture, along with the stringent restrictions on building on land where construction is not permitted, are transforming the park's villages into an extremely well-protected resource for tourism and even residential purposes.

The villages are not all equally well preserved, however. Here we have selected some of the most charming for you: do not miss the opportunity to pay them a visit – or the chance to discover others for yourself.


A. Villages of Rio Madera

B. Trujala Villages

C. Burunchel

D. El Ojuelo and El Robledo

E. Huelga Utrera

F. La Ballestera and Montalvo

G. La Capellanía

H. La Hueta

I. La Toba

J. Los Anchos

K. Marchena

L. Miller

M. Moralejos

N. Umbría de Cabeza Gorda

Ñ. La Espinareda