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Lahiguera preserves a peculiar tradition during Holy Week known by the name of "career of the saints" and that takes place on Good Friday in the place known as "El Cerrillo" when the Virgen de los Dolores and San Juan Bautista meet Jesus of Nazareno, whose litters are carried by the young people "on the run" so that the images can come together more quickly.

During Resurrection Sunday, known by the people of Higuera as "Sunday of love", the bearers repeat the race, this time with the image of the Risen Christ, grasping the litter with their hands and not on their shoulders. Along with this peculiar way of processing the images, the proclamations of the "early morning" of Good Friday: "The confrontation of the angel", "The sentence of lashes" and "The sentence to death", make this Holy Week provide a stamp staff joined by the culinary wealth that has adapted typical dishes that safeguard the mandatory vigils; This is the case of the "flamenquín de Semana Santa", a fish roll that wraps a prawn filling and is cooked in the same way as those made with meat.

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