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Juan Carlos Muñoz Gutiérrez

Cerámica Iliturgitana Muñoz, S.L.U.

Autovía de Andalucía km 320. 23740 - Andújar How to get

Company founded in 1860 with a long and successful family history. After finishing his studies, Juan Carlos decided to follow the tradition and follow the profession of potter, inherited from his parents and grandparents. In his workshop, which has also been converted into a sales outlet, he produces handmade ceramic pieces. He works with top quality materials such as red and white clay, applying different techniques until the desired finish is achieved. All his pieces are Ceramics with denomination of origin, so in addition to offering souvenirs or gifts pieces in his factory, he also elaborates the typical Andujar pieces like jugs of water, grotesque jugs, botijos, etc.

His personal touch and his capacity to adapt to the needs of the client make tradition and success come together in Ceramica Iliturgitana Muñoz.