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Hotel Rey Sancho IV



Renacimiento del Sur

Avenida de Andalucía, 10, Santisteban del Puerto - 23250
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Hotel Rey Sancho IV is a hotel establishment, located in the Jaen town of Santisteban del Puerto, in the El Condado region, which offers a complete accommodation service with fully equipped facilities prepared for your rest and enjoyment.


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Hotel Rey Sancho IV has spacious rooms equipped with the perfect conditions that you will need after an intense day full of sensations and new experiences.

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Hotel Rey Sancho IV belonging to Renacimiento del Sur


With more than 30 years of experience dedicated to the sector, in which we have been faithful to our work philosophy based on achieving the objective of always offering the best service and product to our clients, today we can offer you the fruit of those years of dedication and full dedication that characterize our journey.

Why Hotel Rey Sancho IV?

Our name is due to Sancho IV "El Bravo" (1,258-1,295), son of Alfonso X "El Sabio" and King of Castile during the period between 1,284 and 1,295.

The beginning of the Muslim presence in these lands is located in the 8th century, representing a point of special importance in those times given its situation, since it was the frontier between the Moorish and Christian kingdoms enjoying fame thanks to the impregnable character of its castle, which it was the scene of struggles and rebellions.

During the reign of Fernando III, in the year 1226, the reconquest of Santisteban del Puerto took place, being, later, his son, Alfonso X, who annexed it to Úbeda as a village.

Finally, Sancho IV, decisive monarch in the historical events of this municipality, granted and recognized the privilege of Villa Real on March 15, 1285, a concession that was revalidated by his son, Fernando IV, before handing it over to the Order of Calatrava ten years later.


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