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Carmen de la Cruz

Dla Cruz Carmen

Artista Plástica

Calle Victoria, 23. 23400 - Úbeda How to get

His passion for art stems from his own concern. As a result, Carmen is shaping her knowledge through her training in cabinetmaking, ceramics and sculpture, among others. Her Workshop School and Her School of Art allow him to enter an exciting world that leads him to specialize in the restoration and customization of antique furniture.

It is not her only field of activity, since she practices painting, casting sculpture, working with clay, etc., carrying out commissions for individuals, but the recovery of antique furniture has become an outstanding task, creating works unique and exclusive. Its starting point is a piece of furniture that is usually damaged and that, after passing through his hands, becomes a singular piece. Sideboards, armchairs, dressers, dressers or oil cans are some of the most common pieces of it.