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Carmen Alcalde

Taller Joyería El Aguardo

Ctra. el Santuario, 30, 16. 23748 - Andújar How to get

His parents were his source of inspiration. Thanks to them, she discovers the magic of transmitting and externalizing feelings and sensations through jewelry. His design and jewelry studies in Córdoba, and his natural creativity, have guided him towards his dream work in an environment of great hunting wealth, where he takes advantage of the earth's resources to turn them into jewels.

Elegance, quality and exclusive design are the pillars of the El Aguardo brand. The result is the fruit of his passion for nature and his deep observation of it. These pieces convey the care and love with which they are created. They are handmade jewels, made exclusively for the client. Raw materials such as bone, horn or tusks guarantee this exclusivity as there are no two identical pieces in the world.

He also dares with fine jewelry intended for brides. Fine stones such as sapphires and diamonds, combine with ivory, gold and silver, giving rise to delicate and elegant pieces.