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Ascensión Gallardo Fuentes


Elaboration of artistic stained glass

C/ Ánimas, nº13.

Because of her passion for crafts, Ascension started making Tiffany lamps as a hobby. Very soon she started to become familiar with the elaboration of stained glass and thus discovered a passion that some years ago became her job.<br /> From her workshop, store and exhibition, she produces stained glass windows and Tiffany lamps, as well as personalized gifts and decorative objects in glass, always completely handmade. Starting from a real size sketch drawn by hand, she creates the stained glass window or object until she gets the desired drawing and design. Among her techniques are the famous Tiffany, grisaille, fusing, resin, glass-fusion, among others, obtaining flat stained glass, plumb, smooth glass or decorative objects and household utensils. The stained glass windows, domes, heraldic shields, mirrors, etc. stand out. An endless number of totally exclusive and personalized works to the taste of her customers, many of them international.