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Alfonso Hidalgo Góngora

Alfar Alfonso Góngora

C/ Baja del Salvador, 14. 23400 - Úbeda How to get

In a workshop whose history is closely related to the pottery in Ubeda, and declared by the Junta de Andalucia as a Point of Artisan Interest, Alfonso develops his work as a craftsman creating pieces of great artistic quality. In his effort to treasure his family legacy, in his work space he still keeps an Arabic oven as well as original objects with years of history, in addition to the utensils used for their elaboration, which can be enjoyed through a program of guided tours of the city. His creations, with a clear traditional influence, are elaborated in a handcrafted way although adapted, as far as color, decoration and design, to modern trends, incorporating new techniques like high temperature, crystallizations or raku, as well as novel materials like gress or porcelain. A complex fusion between the past and the present that results in an artistic work of great value.