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Alberto y Francisco Alameda Sevilla

Cerámica Alameda

Camino del Cementerio, 11. 23400 - Úbeda How to get

With more than a century of history, Alberto and Francisco run this family pottery with the clear objective of keeping alive the history and customs of their ancestors. Although respecting all the details in elaboration of the most traditional pieces, these brothers have introduced new techniques and materials that allow them to be in the vanguard of design and decoration. From single-fired, to lustre, raku, under and on deck, dry rope or the application of different types of glazes that lead them to create unique pieces of great personality and quality. Utilitarian or decorative pieces, objects destined to the ornamentation or the most traditional pieces of Ubeda ceramics. But in addition, and thanks to their interest in glue-boring with the maintenance and survival of this office, they also collaborate in the restoration and artisan manufacture of ceramic tiles, roofing tiles, heraldic shields, tiling or religious imagery.