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Restaurante Dragón Rojo

Calle Dr. Eduardo Arroyo, 1, Jaén - 23003 How to get

It is a typical Chinese food restaurant with a quiet and familiar atmosphere and the service is excellent. They offer takeaway service and also deliver home delivery.


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Restaurante Dragón Rojo belonging to Southern Renaissance



The menu of the Chinese Red Dragon Restaurant offers the typical dishes of oriental cuisine and menus every day. The combined menus for 2 to 8 people are a good option for group meals, their prices are reasonable.

In the menu? For salads you can choose from several types such as the classic Chinese salad or salad with crab. Shark fin soup, corn with crab, chicken with mushrooms and seafood are part of the menu.

Rice, noodles, pork, chicken, beef, among others, are prepared in typical dishes with classic oriental ingredients such as curry and soybeans.

To get out of the typical menu? Chinese can you take a look at the menu? of varied dishes where you will find other options. For example Hong Kong style chicken, duck with pineapple, orange and the very particular duck with the strange flavor. Other good options not inconsiderable are the veal with white asparagus, peppers stuffed with meat and the aubergines with spicy meat.

One cannot fail to mention the chicken skewers, the veal nest with cashew nuts and Jiao Yan shrimp. This restaurant is highly rated by its customers in terms of quality and quantity of food, price and service. If we talk about Chinese restaurants in Ja? N, the Red Dragon is one of the best in the region.

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