Hunting Tourism

Hunters and fishermen find in the province of Jaén the best setting to practice their favorite sport in contact with the most virgin nature.

The province of Jaén presents an extraordinary natural environment for the practice of hunting and fishing. Arranged in hunting reserves, it offers the possibility of enjoying a unique tourism where the traveler can practice different types of hunting and fishing in contact with the most virgin nature. In addition, the hunter and / or fisherman has a wide and interesting complementary offer that ranges from exceptional landscapes, unique natural and cultural resources, to an excellent traditional gastronomy based on olive oil and numerous dishes of hunting origin. Hunting and fishing are deeply rooted activities with a great tradition in our province, to the point of being a source of inspiration in artistic manifestations since remote times: cave paintings with hunting scenes classified as World Heritage Sites, animal sculptures inherited from the Iberian world. or canvases with hunting motifs by local painters such as Rafael Zabaleta.

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The quantity and variety of game species in the Jaen lands have provided a well-deserved prestige and tradition, at the same time that it has been a formidable instrument for the conservation of the natural environment and rural development. Jaén is one of the Spanish provinces with the most hectares for hunting. For this reason, in addition to its followers, each season it welcomes thousands of hunters from all corners of Spain and various European countries.



The province of Jaén occupies the upper basin of the Guadalquivir river, where there are abundant reservoirs and a dense river network, which favors the existence of excellent fishing scenarios, ideal for practicing different modalities in species such as salmonids (common trout and rainbow), cyprinids (carp, barbel and boga) and centrárquids (black bass) .Jaén has 40 federated fishing clubs, which carry out numerous fishing contests in their different modalities
(Lance salmonids, fly salmonids, freshwater fingerling, infant, juvenile, ladies and gentlemen, shore black bass, boat black bass and carp-fishing).


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