Easter Week

Jaen's Holy Week celebrations simultaneously offer the most classic Easter performances along with others that, due to their rarity and local character, can claim to be unique in all of Andalusia. This is the case in Lahiguera, where the so-called Carrera de los Santos takes place, a peculiar way of running the parades, in a frenetic race to speed up the meeting of the images.

In other places, visitors will have the opportunity to attend live performances, which in the midst of a setting of incomparable beauty are widely known for their extreme realism. This is the case of Segura de la Sierra, Fuensanta de Martos and Villanueva del Arzobispo. Some parades are performed in towns such as Iznatoraf, Alcaudete or Arbuniel (Cambil).

In addition, the passion songs and proclamations are other attractions of the Easter celebrations in Baños de la Encina, Arjonilla, Villanueva de la Reina and Villacarrillo. The event of decorating the Easter eggs ('El Pintahuevos') is a tradition that takes place on Easter Sunday in those villages founded by Charles III and partially populated by Central Europeans.