The Highest Castle


It is the image you always wanted to have before you: a castle on top of a hill, at whose feet a small village of white streets spreads out. The castle of Segura de la Sierra, the highest in the Natural Park, served in medieval times to control a large territory. Today, it will be your astonished eyes that will dominate from its battlements a landscape woven throughout the centuries by fertile alliances: pine groves and olive groves that intertwine; tiny villages that dialogue with rounded mountains; waters that carried forests. And always, even now, people for whom the landscape is not a surprise, but a part of themselves that they want to share.

You will not be the first to be amazed by these lands. Two great Spanish mystics have already done so: Saint Teresa of Jesus and Saint John of the Cross, who in the 16th century found here the atmosphere of peace and retreat they were looking for. Two centuries later, naval engineers discovered that entire fleets could be built with the wood from these forests. This is why the unusual Maritime Province of Segura was created, from which armies of brave pine tree workers would drive thousands of logs down the river. In Beas de Segura and in Orcera you will find two small Thematic Spaces that will bring you closer to these surprising stories.

Today, it is the lovers of free flight who are dazzled when they take off from the Yelmo and contemplate the grandiosity of these landscapes from a bird's eye view. But you don't have to fly to discover them. Through small roads, forest tracks and paths, you will be able to go into the forests of Rio Madera, the best in Spain for loblolly pine. You can also climb to the top of spectacular mountain watchtowers, such as the Espino, Peñalta and Cambrón. Or you can be astonished by a place like Los Anchos, a harmonious village lost in the mountains that keeps the most authentic memory of life in the mountains in its unexpected museum.

And the oil. The oil produced by the olives from the Fuentebuena Millenary Olive Tree, a symbol of deep-rooted olive-growing wisdom. In the Natural Park, the mountain olive grove is a landscape, a culture and a source of enjoyment for the senses. Its productions are small, but exquisite, the result of a happy combination of land, climate and care in the production. The Sierra de Segura Denomination of Origin guarantees it.

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