The Andalusian Legacy

The Andalusian Legacy is a Public Foundation of the Andalusian Regional Government attached to the Ministry of Culture and Historical Heritage, which has the support of the Council of Europe and the collaboration of numerous public and private institutions. The Foundation's activities are based on the dissemination and preservation of the cultural and artistic heritage of al-Andalus, and the role that Andalusia and Spain have played throughout history both as a cultural bridge between East and West and in relations with the countries of the Arab, Mediterranean and Latin American world. Therefore, the aim of the Andalusian Legacy Routes is to highlight and disseminate our cultural heritage with special reference to the Hispanic-Muslim period, emphasising, above all, the mutual and fertile influences of the Mediterranean environment over the centuries. Based on this concept, the Foundation launched a network of Cultural Routes and Itineraries of national and international scope (11 in total).

The Legado Andalusí has two routes open in this province. The Nasrids and the Caliphate represent unique opportunities to decipher the keys to our past. Both routes pass through twenty-three towns in the province. The Route of the Caliphate -smaller- crosses the south of the province of Jaén, kissing three cities full of art, culture and history: Alcaudete, Castillo de Locubín and Alcalá la Real. The Ruta de los Nazaríes - the most extensive - cuts the province in two, from Sierra Morena to Sierra Mágina, passing through the regions of La Campiña and La Loma. The route crosses twenty municipalities, including the capital of the province. Up to four hundred castles, fortresses, towers, fortified houses and watchtowers dot the route. The monumental heritage, the landscapes, the popular customs, the craftsmanship and the gastronomy that Jaén has today are due, in good part, to that refined civilization that made al-Andalus a paradise in the middle of the Middle Ages.

Source: Department of Culture and Heritage. Government of Andalusia.