Frailes est une petite commune de la province de Jaén, située au sud et limitrophe de la province de Grenade. 


Faits intéressants

Zone touristique Sierra Sur y Campiña de Jaén
Distance à la capitale (km) 80
Altitude au dessus du niveau de la mer (m): 780
Extensión (Km2): 40
Nombre d'habitants: 1575
Gentil: Fraileros
Code postal: 23690

Cette commune fait partie de:

Until the middle of the 19th century, the town belonged to the ancient abbey of Alcalá la Real and was a popular leisure spot owing to its rich water supply and nostalgic spa. Located halfway up a hill and divided by the Chorrillo and Soto Redondo rivers, its streets are steep and winding with small platforms which are used as family vegetable patches. Walking through the streets, you have the feeling that you’re walking through a farm and a town at the same time. Water springs from the very heart of the town and seems to circulate all around through fountains, springs, wells and streams.

Source d´information

Ayuntamiento de Frailes


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