Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Spas & balneotherapy

Balance as a life-style is the essence of spas in the province of Jaén. Health, beauty, relax, peace and quiet, all become a single idea that reaches its full sense through olive oil massage (oleotherapy).

  • Olive oil and health
  • Olive oil and health

    In the developed countries there exists an important concern with ageing population issues, due to the high amount of people involved and the pathologies associated with it, including arteriosclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, cognitive deterioration, diabetes and cancer. Epistemological studies report that the Mediterranean diet, rich in extra virgin olive oil, diminishes the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

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spa urbano jaen

Urban Spa Centro Nature




Puerta del Sol, 4 (junto al Pilar del Arrabalero)
Tel. 953 08 74 24

This facility includes a playing and therapeutic pool, Vichy shower, scotch hose, whirlpool, footbath, cyclonic (surround sprayed) shower, Turkish bath, Roman baths, sauna, touch therapies, beauty & image treatments, and olive-oil therapy.

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Urban Spa Aquagym



Sevilla, 98
Tel. 953 67 68 20

The mud and chocolate baths are here the real stars: they fight stress and cellulite; also, their well known Turkish baths, scent & essence shower, and their original “Grotto of sensations”.

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Las Ánforas Spa




Úbeda, 9
Tel. 953 69 74 76

Like in a dream of Ancient times, Las Ánforas-Spa aspires to become the place for health, wellness, and beauty, where fancy decoration contributes to achieve personal balance and inner peace, all wrapped in the sound of water.

Las Ánforas-Spa has combined the worship of water, with the latest therapeutic techniques, namely cromotherapy, aromatherapy, water rehabilitation treatments, as well as therapeutic & cosmetic products with chocolate, oils, and Dead Sea mud.

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Zurbarán, esquina Evaristo Sánchez
Tel. 953 75 35 73

The Centro Termas has a professional team specialized in chiropractic techniques, reflexology, and reiki, as well as offering a wide variety of facial & body treatments, and chocolate & mud baths and massage. The facilities include a pool, whirlpool, Turkish bath, and pressurized water jets.

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