Visit ​this ​inland Paradise

Always close, wherever you are, whenever it is, the province of Jaén will surely surprise you.

You choose. You can experience Nature in a thrilling way ​with descending rivers and mountains, or peacefully contemplate it to learn about ​it's wonders; you can be an Iberian prince, or observe from the towers of our castles the comings and goings across the Arab-Castilian border; you can enjoy the Renaissance with a taste of the South​, or be part of the wide scenic and cultural offer​ings​ of our towns.

Nature and History have been generous with the heritage that they have bequeathed to us. The largest ​expanse of Natural ​areas of the Peninsula coexists with the olive grove​s​.

This is the environment in which the people from Jaén combine innovation and creativity to develop leading entrepreneurial activities and a cultural initiative that is ​constantly evolving.

Local administrations, with the collaboration of the regional government, and the hospitality and tourist sectors, work on making the most of these resources ​by ​developing new products and routes ​which ensure quality of service to our visitors. In this website you can learn about them and organize your trip. What we will not be able to transmit, in spite of the many advantages of the Internet, is the beauty of the intense blue color our sky has, the taste of a gastronomy ​immersed ​in ​olive oil, or the charm and the welcoming ​warmth​ of the people from Jaén.

Come ​visit ​this ​inland Paradise to discover ​it for yourself.

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