Festivities and Events

Festivities and Events

Local Festivities

Get carried away by the light and the color of the celebrations in every town and village in the province of Jaén. You will not want to leave!

  • Patron Saint Festivities to honor Saint Marcos
  • Patron Saint Festivities to honor Saint Marcos

    Dating back to the sixteenth century, Beas de Segura celebrates the village’s fiestas in honor of San Marcos. Within the different activities offered, ‘toros ensogados’ (tied-up fighting bulls) have become the most distinctive feature of this celebration.

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Albanchez de Mágina

Patron Saint Festivities to honorSaint Francisco de Paula

During the first week of May Álbanchez de Mágina holds its festivities in honor of San Francisco de Paula. Throughout these days various sport competitions, musical performances and open-air dances (‘verbenas’) take place in Albanchez. Yet, the most original of all celebrations are the so-called Hachones pageant
(‘Procesión de los Hachones’). ‘Hachos’ are huge candlesticks, which, as early as April and using green esparto collected from the slopes of the Aznaitín hill, are manufactured following a very special, ancient, and traditional way.

Day of San Juan

In the eve of June 24, the rites of love are symbolically expressed by the young men of the village hanging flowers at the doors of the young girls they fancy, in order to show them their feelings.

Alcalá La Real


EIn Alcalá la Real, Good Friday is experienced and lived differently. Stock characters such as the Good and the Bad Thief, wearing pointed hoods and ancient-looking tunics (‘sayones’), stage the Passion of Christ. Through the streets of this city, which everywhere shows a clear Moorish influence, proclamation and opening speeches are made by the characters, whom we can identify through mimicry and ‘rostrillos’..

Since 1999 it is listed as a Fiesta of Andalusian Tourist Interest.

Festivity of Saint Juan

Fire and magic meet in Alcalá la Real when a rag witch descends from the bell tower of the San Juan Church to be burnt, at 11:30 pm, at the stake, which had been built, on the eve of the festivity, at the church gates.

Patron Saint festivities to honor Our Lady of Mercedes

The devotion to Our Lady of the Mercedes, co-Patron Saint of Alcalá, comes from the time she is said to have appeared in
Montillana. These festivities commemorate the reconquest of the city in the Middle Ages, and are held around August 15, with musical performances, sport competitions, and open-air dances (‘verbenas’).


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