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Archaeological deposits from prehistoric times, an exceptional Iberian legacy, the largest concentration of castles in Europe and an impressive renaissance wealth declared World National Site by the UNESCO shape different tourist itineraries that will quench the thirst of the most demanding traveller.

Journey to Iberian times

  • Provincial Museum of Jaén
  • Provincial Museum of Jaén

    In the museum of Jaén you can contemplate one of the most important archaeological collections of the Iberian world, which in ...

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The archaeological heritage that the Iberian culture left in Jaén is unique in the world, both for its singularity and variety. The development of this culture between the 6th and 1st century BC has left more than 545 inventoried places in the province, among which it is worth mentioning the fortified cities of Cástulo and Puente Tablas, funerary chambers such as that of Toya, and ethnic sanctuaries such as the Cueva de los Muñecos or that of La Lobera.


The archaeological heritage left by the Iberian culture in Jaén is unique in the world, both for its uniqueness and for its variety.

The journey to Iberian times that is proposed here is a project by the Diputación de Jaén, coordinated with the different city councils and one which is in constant development. The visitor can contemplate one of the largest sculptural sets of Iberian statuary in stone: that of Cerrillo Blanco de Porcuna and the Santuario Heróico del Pajarillo de Huelma, exhibited in the Jaén Provincial Museum. In the Linares Archaeological Museum we can trace the history of Cástulo, one of the most important cities of old times, and in the Castellar Museum an impressive collection of Iberian votive offerings is displayed. Together with this, new cutting-edge projects dealing with other museum areas and archaeological deposits, such as Cerrillo Blanco in Porcuna, are being implemented.

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