Mining heritage

The province of Jaén retains one of the best collections of historical-industrial heritage and landscape in Europe.


  • Mining landscape interpretation centre
  • Mining landscape interpretation centre

    An area that guides the visitor through the history and local heritage linked to mining and the epoch of industrial splendour…

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The landscape of old mines and Mediterranean mountain from the old Mining District extends itself through 8 towns: Linares, La Carolina, Bailén, Baños de la Encina, Vilches, Guarromán, Santa Elena and Carboneros.

vista general minas linares

The mining activity of the mining district Linares-La Carolina has a history of 4000 years, as archaeological research has evinced. It was so important that in the year 1869 its lead production was higher than that of all England. The exploitation was active until 1991, when the last mine in Linares was closed because of lack of profitability.

Since then, local associations and town councils have fostered the promotion of this interesting heritage. In 1999, heritage experts named this area in the British press as “Europe’s best kept secret”, because of the singularity, abundance and quality of this industrial mining landscape.

Industrial archaeology deposits of great interest can be found all along the mining region, some of which are unique examples in the world. This dispersed collection of buildings, rail stations, machine houses, chimneys and alleys explain the history of one of the areas in southern Europe where the Industrial Revolution was developed, where English, Belgian, French and Spanish communities cohabited. This combination of history and exploitation of natural resources represents a good opportunity to pay a visit to a chimney landscape that welcomes the visitor arriving in Andalusia from the north.


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