Olive oil & Gastronomy

Olive oil & Gastronomy

Olive oil

Olive oil is today synonymous with excellence and health. It is one of the essential staples of the Mediterranean diet, giving a touch of distinction to any dish in our kitchen.

Jaén Selección Award

  • Olive oil culture and history
  • Olive oil culture and history

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"Jaén Selección Award"

The distinction “Jaén selección”, created by the Diputación de Jaén, includes the best extra virgin olive oils in Jaén. This is our way to support the quality of this product, as the best investment for the future and a firm guarantee for the preservation of Jaén olive groves.

As to contribute to increase the value of the extra virgin olive oils with highest organoleptic quality, to stimulate producers to obtain and commercialize quality olive oil, to improve the image and positioning of Jaén olive oil in the market and to promote its knowledge among consumers, there is an annual “Cata-Concurso de Aceites de Oliva Virgen Extra Jaén Selección” (extra virgin olive oil tasting prize “Jaén Selección”).

Extra virgin olive oils selected on the Cata-Concurso Jaén Selección celebrated on 2017 edition:

-Bravoleum Selección Especial Picual www.bravoleum.com

-Capricho del Fraile www.caprichodelfraile.es

-Claramunt Extra Virgen Picual www.aceiteclaramunt.com

-Cortijo La Torre Premium www.cortijolatorre.com

-Melgarejo Original Picual www.aceites-melgarejo.com

-Oro Bailén Reserva Familiar www.orobailen.com

-Tuccioliva www.amadorsca.es

-Castillo de Canena Biodinámico www.castillodecanena.com


Jaén Selección 2017

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