Olive oil & Gastronomy

Olive oil & Gastronomy

Olive oil

Olive oil is today synonymous with excellence and health. It is one of the essential staples of the Mediterranean diet, giving a touch of distinction to any dish in our kitchen.

Olive oil and health

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In the developed countries there exists an important concern with ageing population issues, due to the high amount of people involved and the pathologies associated with it, including arteriosclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, cognitive deterioration, diabetes and cancer. Epistemological studies report that the Mediterranean diet, rich in extra virgin olive oil, diminishes the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

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(Jaén Declaration signed by more than 300 health specialists in the Olive Oil International Conference celebrated in Jaén, from 21st to 23th October 2004)

The Mediterranean diet, rich in virgin olive oil, improves the main cardiovascular disease risk factors, including the lipid profile, arterial pressure, glucose metabolism and the antithrombotic profile. Moreover, this diet positively modulates the endothelial function, inflammation and oxidative stress. Some of these effects are attributed to the minor components present in virgin olive oil, so that in the definition of such Mediterranean diet this natural juice should be included.

Different observational studies carried on human beings have proved that monounsaturated fat can protect from cognitive deterioration, which is connected to ageing and Alzheimer’s disease.


It has been proved that the minor constituents present in virgin olive oil are bioavailable in humans, contain antioxidant properties and can positively modify the arterial function and haemostasis because of its antithrombotic properties.

In countries where people follow the typical Mediterranean diet, and where virgin olive oil is the main source of fat, as it happens in Spain, Greece and Italy, cancer rates are lower than those of northern European countries.


The protective effect of virgin olive oil could be more important in the first decades of our lives, which makes it recommendable to start consuming it before puberty and to maintain its consumption all throughout our lives.

The most recent studies scientifically support the theory that a Mediterranean diet based on the consumption of virgin olive oil contributes to healthy ageing and promotes longevity. In spite of the important advances in the last few years, though, more research is needed to get to know the specific mechanisms implied in those effects, as well as the contribution of the different virgin olive oil components to those benefits.


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