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Suspiro de natillas


Olive oil

Time: 30 minutes

Difficulty: Fácil

People: 0


6 egg yolks, 350 gr. of sugar, half a liter of milk, a lemon peel. 3 egg whites for the meringue, and a pinch of salt.


We beat the yolks and add 150 gr. of sugar and continue beating to form a foam. Then we beat the whites together with the pinch of salt, and when the meringue has a firm point, we add the sugar little by little while we beat with enveloping movements from the bottom up, until we completely add the 100 gr. of sugar reserved for the meringue. Then we put the milk to heat, removing it from the heat when it starts to boil, at which point we will add the beaten yolks while stirring, putting them back on the fire until they cook and thicken. Finally we will dump the custard and let it cool. With a spoon, or with a pastry bag, we will make piles of meringue (the sighs) on the surface of the custard and on them we will pour a liquid caramel made previously with the 100 gr. leftover sugar.