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Andalusí Sefardí

Difficulty: Media


300 gr of almonds, 500 gr of hazelnuts, 200 gr of honey, 1 c / c of ground cinnamon, 1 c / p of Matalahúga, 3 or 4 units of cloves, 1 c / c of coriander, 50 g of sesame, 140 g of flour, 1/2 kg of peaks without salt, 300 g of icing sugar, 500 g of sugar, 2 units of grated orange peel.


With the sugar and a quarter liter of water approximately, we make a high strand syrup. We put the matalahúga, the cloves and the ground coriander, finally the skin of the grated orange. We let infuse.

In a basin, put the toasted flour, the ground peaks, the cinnamon, the sesame, the toasted and ground almonds and hazelnuts, the honey and a little of the previously prepared syrup. The pasta is worked until it is a compact dough, ensuring that it does not get cold.

They are shaped into the desired shape and bathed in the remaining syrup, letting them drain a little and covering them with icing sugar.

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